Team Captains

CAPTIANS: How to Create a Team with WRAS

  1. Your team Captain needs to email the league registrar at either
  2. The following information should be in your email:

    1. Full Name

    2. Team Name

    3. Which League, Competitive or Coed?

    4. Phone Number

    5. Email Address you wish to use for TeamSnap

  3. You will then receive an email inviting you to join TeamSnap. Pull up your email and click on the link provided in the welcome email.

  4. After click on the email link the TeamSnap page should appear in your browser window.

    1. For existing Members, enter your username and password then click .

    2. For new Members, click the button and follow the on-screen instructions.


Note: If you already have a profile in TeamSnap, we highly recommend you use the same log-in creditials.


   5. Once you have accepted the invitation click on the  button.


Congratulation! You are now a Team Captain/Manager, time to create your roster and invite players. See, “How to Create a Team Roster” below for instructions




CAPTAINS: How to Create a Team Roster

As Team Captain/Manager, you get to decide who is on your team. This requires you to create a team roster and to send each player an invite to team snap. WRAS will NOT send out the invites to your players. It is 100% your responsibility as Captain to make sure everyone on your roster has signed-up and paid.


  1. Go to and log into TeamSnap

  2. Under the My Teams section click on your team names link.

  3. Click on the Roster tab and select the  button.

  4. Enter the following information:

    1. First Name

    2. Last Name

    3. Email Address. Each player MUST have an email address. If not, the player can create a free one

    4. Select the  check box. This insures that only the Team Captain and the player themselves can see the email address. The player can change their own privacy settings later if they wish the team to see their email address.

    5. Make sure the  check box is selected.

  5. After all the necessary in field are populated select .

  6. Repeat steps 4 and 5 until all players are added.

  7. When the play accepts his/her invite you will receive a notification email. This is to help you track your roster.

  8. Rosters from TeamSnap will be printed WRAS Register. Each player will be required to sign the official roster before their first game can be played.



1) DO NOT go over your maximum roster size. If you do your team will take a loss and forfeit every match, until YOU clean up your roster.

2) Also, if you allow someone to play who doesn’t have player card or who hasn’t signed the official roster, your team will suffer an automatic forfeit for that game.