Player Registration

PLAYERS: How to Register and Pay


Step 1: Player Insurance and State Registration


Each player is required to be registered with the state and to have player insurance. The insurance is paid on an annual basis.


  1. From click League Registration, find the link for the State Adult Individual Registration link. This will take you to the SportsPilot website.

  2. Select either the WRAS Coed or the WRAS Competitive link.

  3. Enter your Username and Password then click .

    1. If you’re a new player click the Create a New Account link.

    2. If you’re an existing player but cannot remember your password, click the Forgot your UserID or Password link.

  4. Pay your annual insurance fee online using a major credit or debit card.

  5. A confirmation email will be sent to you. Pull up the confirmation email and write down your player registration number. You will need this number whenever you register for a WRAS league season.



Step 2: How to Register and Pay My League Fees


Payment of your league fees will be verified before you’re allowed to sign the official roster. All fines, league fees, and membership fees must be paid in-full before you sign the official team roster.


Note: For Players under the age of 18, a parent or guardian will be required to sign for you at the time official rosters are signed; no exceptions!


  1. From the Home page, on left hand side, select the League Registration link; Example, 2014/15 Indoor League Registration.

  2. Enter your player information

    1. Already in TeamSnap?

      1. Click the  button and login.

      2. Click  

      3. Select your profile you wish to copy and click the  button.

    2. New to TeamSnap?

      1. Fill out all necessary information and click .

  3. Enter all the required information and click .


Note: If under 18, parent information is required!


4. Select the fee that pertains to your league and click .

      1. If you need a player card renewed make sure to select an option that includes your player card fee. For example: Coed + Player Card.

      2. If you’re playing in both coed and competitive, make sure to select the option that has both.

      3. If your team has a full sponsor, select the Team Sponsored option at the bottom

5. Next, click

6. You should see a total cost screen, click the  button to pay your fee. This will open TeamSnaps PayPal center. You can pay your fee with a PayPal account or any other major credit card such as; Visa, MasterCard, Discover, or American Express.

7. Fill out all necessary information for payment and click  to process your card. The information given must match the Cardholders information!


Note: Transaction fees will be added to your final total!


  8. Continue to follow the steps on TeamSnap’s PayPal center.

  9. When finished, you will get a registration confirmation email from TeamSnap. Keep this email!



Step 3: Uploading Player Card Photo


Players this is a must! No photo, no player card! And if you don’t have a player card you cannot play.

  1. Go to and sign into TeamSnap

  2. Click on the link to your team name

  3. Go to the Roster tab and select your name

  4. Click the  button

  5. Next click the  button and locate your picture you placed on your computer

  6. Now click

  7. This photo will be used for your player card, which you will receive when you sign the official roster.