Mobile App


How to Get My Team Schedule on a Mobile App


WRAS has a mobile app through TeamSnap. This app is available for iPhone, and Android phones only.

  1. Using your phone, go to the Google Play or iTunes store.

  2. Search for the free TeamSnap app and download to your phone.

  3. Locate and select the TeamSnap app on your phone,

  4. Next, click the  button.

  5. Enter your username and password you created when joining your team, then click

  6. You can now access team schedule, messages, team record, and more.




How to Upload a Player Card Photo Using the Mobile App


  1. Assuming you have already downloaded the TeamSnap app, click on the  icon on your phone.

  2. Under the Teams tab select your Team’s name.

  3. Then select Roster

  4. Select your name

  5. Press the  icon  on your phone

  6. Next select the photo icon,

  7. You will probably be asked where you want the picture from; camera or photo gallery. Camera, uses the camera on your phone to take a picture. Photo Gallery, using an existing picture on your phone.

  8. Once you have your photo saved and showing in top right corner, select