League Information

Currently we have two leagues, Coed and Competitive.  The indoor seasons run through the Fall and Winter followed by a Summer season for both leagues.

- Coed is a league designed for Men 30 or older and Women 18 or older who are also graduated from High School.  Must be of age before the league begins.

- Competitive Outdoor League is open to any player 18 or older.

Contact Toni at office@westriveradultsoccer.com for more info.


REGISTRATION - This is a 3 step process.

- First - Every player must, once a year, register as a State Ameteur Player.  Doing so also provides general secondary insurance.  This is done through the State Association on a site called SportsPilot.  State Registration Link 

- Second - Every player must be invited to a team from a captain through a site our local organization uses called TeamSnap.   After accepting an invite, you must update your player profile and upload a "headshot" photo, like you get on an ID or Drivers License.  No hats or sunglasses, just a simple mugshot.

- Third - Every player must pay for his/her league fee ONLY AFTER receiving and accepting an invite to a team.  Each league has separate fees.  Currently the League Registration is the same for everyone.  Just have to select the correct payment.  DO NOT PAY FOR A LEAGUE IF YOU HAVE NOT BEEN INVITED TO A TEAM.  Click here to go to League Registration

- Finally - Every player must pay an annual WRAS Membership Fee, $10.  This helps cover administrative costs to run the organization.

League Laws and Rules

SD Laws - Compeitive Indoor  Coed Indoor League Rules